Former Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page is suing the group over the royalties on their Big Bang Theory theme song.
The group recorded the theme song in 2007 for the new program and, in 2010, released a longer version as a single. Page, who left the group in early 2009, says that there was an agreement that he would receive 20% of the royalties from the song but, according to TMZ, has had to file legal documents as he has not received any royalties.
While he is not aware of the money the song has generated, he believes it is in excess of one million dollars and that he is owed at least $200,000.
Page and Ed Robertson, who attended the same school but didn’t know each other, met after a Peter Gabriel concert and soon started performing as a duo. Eventually settling on the name Barenaked Ladies as a joke, they added new members over time and finally released their debut album, Gordon, in 1992. Hits such as Enid and Jane were big in Canada but it wasn’t until 1998’s One Week that they crossed over to U.S. charts, hitting number 1.
Page, who had battled alcohol and drug abuse along with depression, left the band in early-2009 and has since released four solo albums.