Lily Allen has reportedly decided she needs a home in her ‘happy place’ of Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old star has been spending a lot of time Stateside as she works on her upcoming fourth album, a follow up to 2014’s Sheezus. Work has been going to plan and as well as falling in love with her music, the British star has apparently grown fond of the City of Angels.

‘Lily describes LA as her happy place. She’d like her husband Sam and their two daughters to split their time between there and the UK,’ an insider told British magazine Grazia.

Apparently it’s the musical aspect of her life in America which has Lily the most excited. She’s been working with other stars as she lays down tracks for the record and believes the LA way of life suits her best.

‘She’s really excited about her new release and has been putting in the hours with a string of top producers to make an epic comeback,’ the source explained. ‘Lily has been working with Sean Paul, who has collaborated with Beyoncé and Rihanna. She knows LA is the place to make things happen.’

Another reason why she feels suited to the city could be Lily’s new life regime. Previously she was known for her love of the nightlife, but she’s had a change of heart over the last year. In December she revealed she hadn’t touched alcohol for a month and it’s reported that she’s kept that up and is still teetotal.

‘Lily made a conscious decision to make 2015 her turnaround year. Before, she was partying a lot and had just had enough. She wasn’t enjoying herself anymore so she decided to stop drinking. She seems a lot happier. She’s working out a lot. She looks really good and is a lot healthier. She feels positive and upbeat,’ the insider divulged.