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Dolly Parton understands what Miley Cyrus is going through: ‘People thought I was trashy too’

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Country superstar Dolly Parton has revealed that she understands what Miley Cyrus has to face in terms of negativity and constant criticism, but doesn’t intervene and tell her how to handle the situation.

Speaking to The Sunday Times recently, the ‘Jolene’ icon explained that when she first appeared on the scene she was victim to some nasty comments about how she presented herself as a female performer so can empathise with what Cyrus is going through:

Yeah, well I do, ’cause back in the day, doing my own things my own way, and dressing sexy and showing my cleavage and all that, I got a lot of criticism. Lots of people thought I was making a mistake and that I was just trashy, which I was.”

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Parton went onto add that while she went through similar things, she doesn’t give the ‘We Can’t Stop’ beauty advice on how to handle it because it’s important to get through things on your own terms and in your own way:

“So I did go through that, but I don’t give her advice. Everyone has to walk this journey according to their own rules. That’s what she’s doing. And I lurve her.”

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