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Lady Gaga: ‘There’s a strong possibility that I’ll release another volume of ‘ARTPOP”

This story was sourced from Press Party

‘Born This Way’ pop icon Lady Gaga has hinted that she might pool her unreleased ‘ARTPOP’ session songs and make them into a second volume of the album.

Lady Gaga appreciates her fans

Lady Gaga appreciates her fans

“I wrote a lot of songs when I was creating ‘ARTPOP’. When I was done working on them I had a very specific idea of the concept for the first release of ‘ARTPOP’. But I do have a lot more records.”

Gaga then added that she has enough material to create a second part although she is yet to reveal a timeframe for the potential plans: “But there’s a strong possibility I will release another volume of ‘ARTPOP’ and I’m really hoping that it’s soon.”

In the autumn of 2013, the ‘Applause’ superstar teased that she initially set out to release ‘ARTPOP’ in two parts with each section having a different meaning and direction, telling MSN: “In the beginning I was thinking of splitting the album up into two parts based on what I thought was more pop and what I thought was more art. But this was during the inception of the record and I wasn’t even quite sure what ‘artpop’ meant yet.”

Watch Gaga’s video for ‘G.U.Y.’ here: