John Lydon has vowed to snub the “sissy” Boris Johnson-backed Punk London festival.



It was supposed to be a year-long celebration of the UK’s punk heritage, but king of punk John Lydon has vowed to snub the “sissy” Boris Johnson-backed Punk London festival.
The outspoken singer, whose anarchic band The Sex Pistols is credited with launching Britain’s punk movement in 1976, has slammed the lottery-funded event for misrepresenting the punk movement that he lead.
The festival, held to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Sex Pistols’ influential album Never Mind The Bollocks, has been described by organisers as a celebration of punk “in all its ragged glory”.
But punk icon Lydon is not impressed, dismissing the year-long programme of gigs, exhibitions and films being held across the capital with support from the British Fashion Council, British Film Institute and British Library, as “something really silly”.
He is equally scathing in his response to the event’s championing by former London Mayor Boris Johnson, saying that the foreign secretary’s involvement “creeped the high-hell out of me”.
In a candid interview in this month’s CALIBRE Quarterly magazine, Lydon, who now lives in Los Angeles, said: “What does it need an anniversary for? For God’s sake where do they come from? That’s very, very too much self-importance.
“I was told, somehow, that Boris Johnson was involving himself… which creeped the high-hell out of me.
“Well, I’m sure I’m going to fly back for that! Hahaha. It sounds very special.
“It’s the trouble with punk though – it’s the outskirts, the fringes that hold on to us and which seem to have grabbed most of the limelight and turned it into something really silly, and sissy and weak and unresolved and petulant.
“It’s not like that at all, this is a do-it-yourself culture.”



London based MRJ delivers a fantastic pop/D&b tinged masterpiece with his first single “WATER”


MRJ artwork 

 MRJ a.k.a Matthew Russell Jones is a pop Singer/Songwriter originally from Lincoln and based in Camden, London, UK. He launched his career performing across the globe and in London, but with his pulse always on the pop music scene.

MRJ writes songs in the pop genre ranging from electric to acoustic. He says ” I like many different types of music so experiment with different styles within pop. Some people say its a fight between acoustic & electronic but I embrace both, I love music, particularly pop and all my music comes from a place of how I’m feeling at the time”.

MRJ has collaborated with many different producers and songwriters from London to L.A to procure his sound. This includes Michael Stockwell ( Jools Holland ) and Sky Adams ( Jessie J, Rizzle Kicks ) at ‘Phrased Differently’ London ( Little Mix, Craig David, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus) who all came together to create the brand new single ‘Water’ with MRJ .

MRJ has also worked with songwriter/producer Lenn Arun (Skunk Anansie ), Lyricist ‘Marvee Woods’ and Singer/Songwriter Effie and has received praise from Perez Hilton who is a fan of his work.


While in LA in 2015 MRJ hooked up with ‘Templebase Studios’ run by Guy Baruch working with Producer/Songwriter and Artist ‘Scotty Grand’. MRJ has also performed live with various guitarists such as ‘Stuart King’ drummer and pianist ‘Tom Oakley’ and the house band at open mic night ‘Sessions 58’.

The debut single from MRJ is entitled “Water” and will be released on 25 November 2016 on MRJ Records followed in 2017 by an E.P. 

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Kuizz Shah is a Singer-Songwriter & Producer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuizz has worked with multiple award winning artists such as Juno Award Winner Mia Martina,  Danny Fernandes & Kristinia Debarge.

Kuizz’s writing career has been recognised in both Canada and Japan  achieving chart success in the past couple of years.  He started writing and producing at the age of 19 and worked with Los Angeles based label Kurado Publishing for 4 years.

The latest release “Till The End” E.P consists of six freshly produced tracks including the new single ” Younger”.

The tracks resonate the ambience of soulful vocals and beats in an urban setting. The combination of these richly-textured songs which Kuizz wrote , mixed and produced in his home studio and then collaborated with co-producer Daniel Matthias Ortmann on, make it a fiercely independent project with surprising mass appeal.

Kuizz’s sources of inspiration to write songs are mainly derived from movies, be it a chick flick or a straight up action movie. Check out his music and decide if you’ll be with him “Till The End”.

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Selena Gomez back in rehab




Selena Gomez has reportedly checked in to a rehabilitation centre in Tennessee to deal with issues related to her battle with lupus.

The Come and Get It singer, who was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2014, announced in late August (16) she was taking an indefinite break from her world tour in order to focus on getting well.

She has been laying low ever since, but on Saturday (08Oct16), she was spotted greeting fans in Alcoa, Tennessee while dining at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant with her mother and stepfather.

Now multiple sources have revealed to Us Weekly that Selena has been spending time at a private treatment facility just outside Nashville, where she is attempting to conquer the anxiety, panic attacks, and depression she has been suffering as a result of her lupus struggle.

“Selena is dealing with lupus, but this break is to focus on her mental health,” one insider tells the magazine. “She can go to a very dark place.”

The rehab visit marks her second round of treatment, after previously cutting short a 2014 tour of Australia and checking in to the Dawn at The Meadows facility in Arizona to receive professional care and undergo chemotherapy.

Gomez didn’t reveal her secret health battle until October, 2015, when she released her album Revival.

A representative for the former Disney star has yet to comment on the rehab news, but Selena, 24, already appears to be in a better place emotionally after spending time with her family.

On Sunday (09Oct16), she was also seen enjoying breakfast with her grandparents at the Riverstone Restaurant in Townsend, Tennessee, where she appeared to be in good spirits.

“She was laughing a lot with them while she was eating,” an eyewitness claims. “She seemed happy and relaxed.”


Mon Frere–Shadows feat Joell Fender out on 2 December



‘Mon Frere’ are the U.K. based electro pop producers based in Brighton.  Mon Frere consists of brothers Paul and Matt Lennox. 

Paul is the songwriter and producer  Matt provides the lyrics and the brothers source talented young vocalists to complete the line up. 

Mon Frere have worked with some of the most talented up and coming singers in the business  like Joell Fender who has worked with the likes of Kwabs  Sigala and Wilkinson and Kate Wild who is a lead vocalist on many recent EDM records across the globe. 


After the release of their debut album ‘Urban Glow’ in the summer of 2015  the two brothers who form Mon Frere have been working hard to develop their sound and create a unique identity.  Drawing from influences such as The Cinematic Orchestra  Massive Attack and Naughty Boy  the brothers are set on fusing modern electro pop production  with the musical depth of the aforementioned artists to create a refreshing new sound for the masses.  

With the pending release of a brand new E.P. in early 2017  Mon Frere will be hitting the road in the summer. 

Their latest single “Shadows”  ft. Joell Fender will be released worldwide on 2 December 2016.

Check out the Mon Frere online at

Jude Jeyaraj–Yesterdays



Jude Jeyaraj cannot identify himself with any one particular style of music. In his own words “Eastern music (and ragas) offer a spirituality that just cannot be found in Western music.” as a result  his music is very diverse.

Born on 18th September 1978  Jude spent his early years in the small town of Jaffna in North-eastern Sri Lanka. Whether running down its long sandy beach  chasing between the houses with his cousins and friends  or simply sitting alone on the lush green banks of one of the many rivers that sliced through the countryside  the young Jude felt that his home was a magical place.  At the age of five Jude’s father bought him a small percussion instrument called a mealam.

He took it everywhere  and was constantly playing  so much so that he fractured a finger and had to visit the hospital. To this day  a crooked digit bears witness to his early passion for creating sound. Jude himself finds it hard to explain where this passion came from. Perhaps  he has mused  the incredible array of sounds around him at this impressionable age; the babbling rivers  the chatter and shrieking of children  the crashing sea  or the noises of the towns daily life all entered him   planting the seeds of rhythm and melody?  By the age of seven Jude was playing the guitar  mimicking popular movie songs for his friends  his music developing through playing in the local church. The seeds were sprouting and growing.

At ten   Jude’s family migrated to London to escape the civil war raging in their homeland. Leaving his home  his friends and traditions were hard for the young boy.  A strange language  unfamiliar surroundings and the terrible cold were all tough on Jude  and to make matters worse his access to instruments and lessons were stopped dead  the cost of living in this grey land forcing sacrifices on the family.

The echoes of the music of his childhood now lay dormant inside him  trapped with no outlet  silenced by the roar of the city.  Two years on and Jude was given the opportunity by a local borough initiative to learn a new instrument  he picked the keyboard. His parents encouraged his learning and practice  seeing in their son a re- awakening of the passion that was so much a part of him back in their now seemingly idyllic life in Jaffna.

The lonely Jude threw himself into the instrument  the music becoming his companion and comforter  as well as his inspiration   and now he began to craft his own compositions as well as continue playing the movie songs he had entertained his friends with back home.

After some exposure in local shows  Jude was invited to join his first band “Rainbow” playing alongside  and then meeting more experienced musicians helped him develop both his musical knowledge and his performance skills. Jude continued to take formal classes to supplement his experience until  at the age of Seventeen  Jude performed his first solo show in front of a crowd of several thousand at Fairfield Hall London.

Since then  Jude has performed large shows all over Europe. He has taken to the stage with many top artists from all over the world  and has made a number of television appearances both in the educational and entertainment arenas.  Music has not been Jude’s only focus  he is a qualified Accountant and Financial Analyst working for one of the world’s largest Investment Banking companies, but there is no doubt that the seeds of Rhythm  sound and melody planted in him so long ago and so far away  have grown roots which have spread and entwined with the very essence of him.


Yesterday’s is the brand new single and is out now:

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Choosing Beats single of the moment -Tony Shaw–Take Me Away




Born in Northamptonshire (United Kingdom) Tony comes from a musical family.  His own musical talents are purely self taught.

Tony has appeared on national television in programmes such ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ in which he performed a song by Star Sailor.

He also reached the finals of Mic UK competition at the NEC Centre in Birmingham.

He has performed in venues around the United Kingdom such as 02 Birmingham, BMF Festival Peterborough, The Roadmender Northampton including the famous Camden Roundhouse music venue and Chandos Arms in Colindale London.

Tony’s influences are Oasis, The Verve and Stereophonics in addition he likes blues music and brit pop.

His repertoire of songs include over 30 of his own compositions and his aspirations would be to co-write with Noel Gallagher and Ed Sheeran.

Tony’s new song Take Me Away is about a personal experience in his life.  This track was recorded at Vigilante Studio in London.


His current project is recording and completing a new album.  Tony will be embarking upon a series of media interviews which includes performing at venues across the United Kingdom

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Instagram :

Take Me Away is available on iTunes.

Lorenza unleash the epic “Peace of Mind”



Lorenza Peace of Mind Final Packshot

Heart-stopping synths, energy laden rock and full-blown chart pop combine in Lorenza’s signature sound.

This British three-piece combines layers of instruments and vocals with relatable lyrics, creating epic stadium-sized sounds.

Drawing musical influences from the likes of Bastille, The Weeknd and twenty one pilots, this relentlessly innovative trio shines bright in an ocean of unsigned acts.

Academy of Contemporary Music alumni  the band wrote  recorded and produced their debut EP to be released on their own label in September 2016.

Lorenza consists of: Jordan Cosmo (vox & keys) Gio Fraser (guitar) and Jack Robinson on drums.

The epic new single ” Peace of Mind” is taken off the new E.P “Peace of Mind” recorded at AIR and Metropolis studios and now available worldwide on iTunes and all good online retailers.


BBC Faves Papaphone purr like a Lioness with their new E.P Isn’t it Wonderful ?



Papaphone started back in Hertfordshire Music College when Russell Perkins and Thomas Hammond shared a mutual interest in creating emotive  uplifting and well written songs. They began playing music together  focussing on the love of creating something special rather than playing the latest fads. Not being influenced by a musical style  they just did what came naturally.

Papaphone began to write from the heart and brought together a mix of melody  sincerity and warmth. Writing and playing around the local area , Papaphone built up a strong loyal fan base with their live performances earning them more nationwide publicity and gig offerings. Highlights include headlining the Camden Barfly in London to a record number of people for an unsigned act at the time and winning Battle of the Bands at The Horn  St Albans out of over 90 entrants.

Headlining venues around the UK including the infamous 100 Club  Oxford Street , London and The Roadhouse in Manchester along with a live interview on BBC Radio.  Papaphone then played The Waterfront in Norwich and earned the praise of being named one of the UKs best new acts by The Observer newspaper.

In 2015  Papaphone released their first real album “Songs I Wrote” to critical acclaim amongst the folk community. Papaphone also gained some famous names as fans  including Shane McGowan and The Levellers.

A UK summer tour followed the album release with highlights including headlining Mr Wolfs in Bristol and appearing at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. The first song and video released from the upcoming record  ‘Isn’t It Wonderful?’ , ‘Lioness’ was played on BBC Introducing and described as ‘A beautiful song’ by Mr Gareth Lloyd.

The brand new E.P “Isn’t it wonderful” will be released on 14 November 2016 with worldwide distribution from Universal Music Operations and featuring the single ” Lioness” which was premiered on the exclusive trending music video site


Swizz Beatz has been hit with a £32 million lawsuit



Swizz Beatz has been hit with a $42 million (£32 million) lawsuit accusing him of reselling high-end cars he had previously leased.

According to the New York Daily News, Brooklyn company Metro-Gem Leasing & Funding Corp. filed a civil racketeering lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday (21Sep16).

The legal papers allege that after the record producer, real name Kasseem Dean, leased 11 cars for himself and wife Alicia Keys through his production company, he then “conspired” with auto dealer Macky Dancy to sell a Ferrari F-12 car to a third party after its lease went into default.

Metro-Gem’s lawyer Paul Solda also claims that four other car leases went into default.

Dean, 38, is more accustomed to being in the headlines due to his wife these days. After Keys caused a stir by continuing with her no make-up pledge by going fresh-faced to the MTV Video Music Awards last month (Aug16), Dean took to his Instagram page to post a video defending his wife’s actions.

“Y’all gotta think about that. This is deep,” he said in the footage. “Somebody’s sitting at home mad, because somebody didn’t wear make-up on their face… not your face, but they didn’t put make-up on their face, because they just didn’t feel like wearing make-up.

“But you’re mad because that person didn’t put makeup to please you? What s**t is this? Because you can do whatever you want to do. Think about it… this is deep.”

After the VMAs, Keys also took to her social media to defend her stance. Alongside another snap of herself make-up free and glowing, the 35-year-old wrote: “Y’all, me choosing to be makeup free doesn’t mean I’m anti-makeup. Do you!”

Keys and Dean tied the knot in 2010 and are parents to sons Egypt, five, and Genesis, who turns two in December (16).